Filter Kits and Sheets

Q-MAX Filters as Sheets

Q-MAX lighting filters are also available as 20"x24" sheets in packs of 12.
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Q-MAX offers you two attractive and useful Pro-Kits for your daily lighting jobs.

Q-MAX PRO-ENTERTAINMENT KIT contains these 13 most popular colors as sheets:
021         Gold Amber
079         Just Blue
101         Yellow
105         Orange
106         Primary Red
119         Dark Blue
120         Deep Blue
124         Dark Green
126         Mauve
132         Medium Blue
134         Golden Amber
139         Primary Green
158         Deep Orange

The PRO-MOVIE KIT contains these 9 often required filter materials:

201         Full CT Blue
202         Half CT Blue
203         Quarter C.T.B
204         Full CT Orange
205         Half CT Orange
 Quarter C.T.O
216         White Diffusion
250         Half White Diffusion
251         Quarter White Diffusion

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